About us

Flo-Joe Training & Consultants evolved in 2003 to meet the need that learning organisations have to remain at the forefront of learning. We've been asked to assist on a wide range of learning projects, including strategic planning for e-learning, learning content development and online delivery, staff training, and the evaluation of e-learning projects. We've been in the e-learning industry for the last 10 years and continue to develop our own range of learning resources.


Image descriptionFiona Joseph, Consultant

Specialist areas: ESOL, assessment and e-learning design

Fiona is an e-learning and educational consultant with additional responsibilty for business development. Her career began in academia in the EFL/Linguistics department at Wolverhampton University. After eight years she left to found the pioneering Flo-Joe website for language exams in 2000. Three years later Fiona was awarded the British Council Innovation Award for the Flo-Joe website. Between 2003 and 2006 she contributed as an ESOL specialist consultant on a number of Skills for Life projects. Fiona writes regularly for the trade magazines and journals on ESOL and learning through technology, as well as being a web advisor on various committees.


Image descriptionPeter Travis, Consultant

Specialist areas: ICT and e-skills development and training

Following a career in EFL Peter became ILT Manager at a Further Education College in the West Midlands. He was responsible for the strategic development of ICT across the college and for staff training in the use of new technology. In 2005 Peter was shortlisted for the QIA Star Award for the 'E-Learning Tutor of the Year' sponsored by Microsoft. Peter left FE in 2006 to further develop the training arm of Flo-Joe Training & Consulting. He has spoken at various regional and national EFL and ICT events across the country and run workshops on the use of new technology. Peter's background in teaching ensures he brings a very practical approach to training with a clear focus on the end user.