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Flo-Joe consulting supports organisations that need to develop the e-skills of their administrative or learning support staff. We also offer advice, guidance, training and learning materials to help you deliver e-skills support to difficult-to-reach demographic groups.

Course content: 'e-Skills and the Internet'

These courses are ideal for target groups such as the over 50s, people returning to work, and other difficult-to-reach demographic groups who have little or no experience in using the Internet. We often run these courses with administrative and learning support staff who have to disseminate learning information and/or empower users to access learning for themselves. Flo-Joe's experience in developing award-winning educational content means that we are also able to provide high-quality learning materials.

Sample e-Skills and the Internet modules:
  • e-Citizen: using the web to get heard, be informed and know your rights
  • e-Communication: using e-Mail to keep in touch
  • e-Health: accessing online information about health and wellbeing
  • e-Communities: accessing online communities for friendship and support
  • e-Consumer: online financial management, buying and selling
  • e-Parents: protecting your children with Internet safety in mind
  • e-Employment: using the Internet to get back to work
  • e-Business: using the Internet to support your new business venture

See our Showcase e-Skills section for further details on how Flo-Joe Consulting worked with Birmingham City Council to deliver its "Wired up to Wellbeing" project.

Course content: 'Effective e-Skills'

These courses are designed for administrative staff in Learning Resources Centres (e.g. libraries), local authories, and private companies. We can adapt these topics to your needs, whether it's a one-hour workshop a multi-day course, or something in-between.

Sample 'Effective e-Skills' courses:
  • Digital photography
  • Effective handouts
  • Presentations with impact
  • e-Marketing
  • Efficient Internet searches

See also "e-Skills and the Internet" above.