We provide training in two areas: ICT for teachers and e-skills for staff in learning organisations to help them do their job more effectively. When staff are equipped with the right skills they are able to facilitate learning and disseminate information with greater confidence and increased learner or customer satisfaction. We also offer organisations support in delivering e-skills training for hard-to-reach adult learners such as the over 50s, people returning to work and ethnic minority groups.

Flexible format

Releasing staff for training can be problematic. That's why our courses are as flexible as you need them to be. We run short and full-day workshops, depending on what suits you best. All courses come with tailor-made materials, which can be licensed for use within your organisation.

Who should attend?

Our training sessions are for school teachers, college and university lecturers, adult and community tutors, advisors, librarians; in other words, anyone using new technologies to teach or support children and adult learners. Whether your staff need to develop online learning resources, develop their teaching or training skills, act as a facilitator or guide, or even just be aware of "what's out there" by way of new learning technology, our training will help staff respond better to the needs of their learners.

And why?

All too often, money spent on training is wasted as new skills are not adopted and implemented at the chalk-face. Our courses are practical and hands-on and focus on the long-term benefits of training. To see how we've inspired some of our attendees please visit the Testimonials page.

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